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You will see the first faint glow of dawn in what for many of us has felt like a year-long night. As 2020 draws to a close, the Friends of the Braumart have come to an even deeper understanding of what a lifeline the arts can be as a means of solace in our daily lives. At the Braumart, we know a song can ease a burdened heart, a play can remind us of our essential human connections and a classic movie can inspire new beginnings.


Our doors have been closed for most of the year, but the fire fueling us forward has never faltered because we’re in the business of creativity, and where there’s creativity, there’s hope. As we weather out the remainder of this storm with our friends and neighbors, we have reaffirmed our mission to develop, support, and promote arts and culture in Dickinson County. At a moment when many are realizing just how irreplaceable these places are, historic theatres across the country are fighting for their very survival. The Braumart is in the same situation, but for those like you who understand how vital our project is, there’s still time to turn the tide.


For 95 years, The Braumart Theatre has served Downtown Iron Mountain, first as a movie house, and now in the modern era as a mixed-event facility capable of hosting not just movies, but a wide range of musical acts, performing arts, and cultural exhibitions. For almost a century, this building has gone through many incarnations and weathered many economic storms, only to reemerge as the obvious center for arts and culture in the area. With past events attracting audiences from across the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin, we foresee that with proper updating, our venue can dominate the local live entertainment market. Though the building’s service role is apparent, and its location competitive, the fact remains that it still needs a little work. The Braumart is a perfect example of a cornerstone location in dire need of preservation at a make-or-break moment. Your donation now will help our board continue our maintenance efforts, modernize our service capability, and make headway on capital improvements that will breathe new life into the theatre and stand it up for the demands of the 21st century.


Take a walk on Stephenson Avenue now, and you will see once shuttered storefronts revived, thanks to a new generation of entrepreneurs, a supportive downtown development association, and far-sighted property development. Imagine being able to live downtown, eat at your favorite coffee shop, shop at a locally-owned boutique, and catch outdoor community events in the summer. In this context, The Braumart, a multi-use theatre with a healthy calendar of exciting events will serve as another focal point that can bind all of these economic threads together. Consider this as well: Dickinson County has a strong business community that is in constant need of quality talent. What is often the deciding factor when someone considers relocating? Visible, everyday proof that the region is thriving, and an understanding that your input could make a meaningful impact on this transformation process at a pivotal moment.

Despite the challenges we’ve faced this year, we still have an amazing place to live, and many opportunities to grow. Your contribution enables The Braumart board of directors to forge ahead with new programming initiatives that will draw a wide variety of live music options, theatrical productions, and a continuation of our regular classic movie series. This period where our physical stage has gone dark has also prompted us to widen the scope of how the Braumart can serve the community beyond the confines of the venue itself. In 2020, we invested in new digital services, which now includes a virtual cinema series that allows you to rent new movies from our website and a forthcoming live stream option that will give our supporters across the globe the chance to tune in live to the Braumart stage from the comfort and safety of home.


Someday soon, this year will exist in memory. In challenging times, The Braumart has and should remain a stalwart in the area, because in the end, art is a beacon of hope in the darkest of times. Think of the last 12 months and try to imagine it without music, or movies, or crafts. Now extend this insight, and try to envision your community without a dedicated place for young and old alike to come together, practice, and enjoy creative expression in all its bountiful forms. The Braumart is a living, breathing creative space that can open doors to new horizons, help us understand ourselves better, and provide much-needed shelter when we face life’s storms. Your contribution will signal your belief that this is a necessary resource for the economic growth, cultural evolution, educational innovation, and ongoing emotional health of our community.


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