June 2018 Newsletter

June 01, 2018

 On June 6, the back of the theatre got some much needed maintenance from this team of CCI Systems Inc. employees, along with Braumart Executive Director Jinx Brew. The team members were participating in their company's annual Community Service Project Day. They cleared out the weeds and lay down landscape cloth in the ten-foot strip of land that runs behind the theatre. Thank you to these wonderful volunteers and to CCI Systems!

December 2017 Newsletter

December 31, 2017

When you support the Braumart, you are partnering with your neighbors, classmates, and friends to preserve memories and create new ones.  Your support makes it possible for children to participate in Missoula Children’s Theatre, for local actors and stagehands to hone their skills, for local musicians to showcase their talent, for touring acts to perform in Downtown Iron Mountain, and for people of all ages to enjoy classic movies in a 
graceful 92-year-old movie house. 

June 2017 Newsletter

June 01, 2017

We've gotten through our first year successfully and couldn't have done it without our Volunteers. The drive and devo-tion of the Board Members has proved that staying on task will result in a Theater that will enhance Iron Mountain and surrounding areas. Help from the residents of our community has made our transition to a professional theater and Performing Arts Center a dream come true 

December 2016 Newsletter

December 01, 2016

2016 was a milestone year in the history of the Braumart. Our historic theatre has been a fixture in down-town Iron Mountain for 91 years - a local center for entertainment - and, with your help, Friends of the Braumart is bringing it back! Thanks to the support of people like you, we have accomplished much. We are extremely grateful for the progress which has been made. Now... let’s see what we can do in 2017! 

October 2016 Newsletter

October 01, 2016

...I caught up to him again a short while later at the concession counter. He had his phone out and I heard him say loudly to whomever was on the other end, “THE BRAUMART IS BACK IN BUSINESS!” He was beaming. His enthusiasm was infectious.  He’s right: the Braumart is back in business. Because of you, our donors and supporters, and with a lot of effort from February to June, the theatre is now more comfortable and inviting than it has been in years. Thank you to every ....

June 2016 Newsletter

June 01, 2016

The Braumart has an accessible restroom on the ground floor! We are thrilled that we can now offer modern levels of comfort to all our patrons. The downstairs restrooms have been updated, too.

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